If you enjoy Herbie and Volkswagens as much as we do, be sure to visit our friends on the web!

The Walt Disney Family Museum - Chronicles the history of Walt Disney's career with interactive media and never before seen collections from the Disney family.

All Air - Features links to all Air-Cooled vendors, personal sites, clubs and pages from around the world.

Beetle Connection  - Volkswagen Beetle resource located in Plattling, Gremany.

Club VeeDub Sydney - Check out the VW scene in Australia!  Great article on the Porsche powered Herbie #2 from the original 1969 Disney film "The Love Bug".

Dubheaven - Another great listing online of VW shows, clubs, and resources.

GoGo Herbie - Very nicely done Japanese Herbie site.

Herbie's Going Back to Monte Carlo - UK based charity organization headed by member/owner Al Clinton.

Herbie's World Tour - Follow the adventures of a German built Herbie replica and matching trailer.

Hire 53 Herbie - A company based in the UK that rents out a Herbie for all special occasions.

Hire Herbie! - Home page for a company in the UK that has a Herbie available for rent.

The Kafer Model Museum  - Do you like Beetle toys?  Then be sure to stop by Love Bug Fans member Reinhard Sokoll's site.   Reinhard features the largest collection of Volkswagen Beetle toys anywhere and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mattias Mayer's VW Kafer site - A German VW Beetle site featuring Herbie collectibles. - A very comprehensive and up to date independent Disney news and information site.

Northwest Connecting Rod - 1200/40HP Specialist. Ask for Jerry. Link is an archived Samba topic w/ contact info.

OldBug.Com - VW Beetle shop owned by LoveBugFans member Randy Carlson.

Pure Buttons - LoveBugFans pinback button supplier. High quality. Fast, friendly service.

Rimco Machine Shop - Dedicated aircooled Volkswagen performance parts and machine shop.

The Samba.Com - Excellent source for buying or selling VW vehicles and parts.

Special Edition Beetles - Complete listing of all special edition VW Beetles.

Stephen Love and His Car Herbie - Page about Herbie fan Stephen Love and 1965 replica with many special effects. - Like an Online Air Cooled magazine, with more.

Ultra VW - A VW enthusiast magazine covering the Volkswagen scene in the United Kingdom.

Un Amour de Coccinelle - The Herbie the Love Bug message board located in France.

Volkswagen of America - Official website of Volkwagen of America.  Get all the latest on the newest offerings from Volkswagen as well as official gear and merchandise.

Volkswagen Club of the Philippines - A glimpse of the Volkswagen scene in the Philippines .

VolksWorld - Britain's best selling air-cooled VW magazine.

VolksZone - A UK VW enthusiast site with lots of Volkswagen news, information, and technical forums. 

VW - Listing of many Volkswagen car shows throughout the United States.

Westfalia's VW Toy Collection - An excellent vintage VW toy photo reference.

Your Car of the Day - A free daily email bringing you the hippest, kookiest, most sublime and outrageous automotive moments ever captured.

Yuku Top Sites - The LoveBugFans forum is a recognized Yuku Top 10 Site. Click the link to boost our rank!


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