Wolfsburg Museum Herbie

     Owned by Volkswagenwerk AG, this car is currently on display in the Zeithaus at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany.  This 1966 Beetle was used in the climactic Herbie Rides Again Volkswagen army scene, and was most likely used in the tug of war sequence.  The car may be recognized by its larger-than-usual tires that remain on it to this day.  After filming, the car was shipped to Germany to be given away as a prize on Dreimal Neun, a popular European game show.  The vinyl sunroof cover was simply screwed to the roof for continuity, as this particular car was not equipped with a sunroof.  This Herbie is probably the best preserved, most original example of a vintage film car in existence.  Sadly, little seems to be known about its history by the museum or anyone else, including how it ended up there.

Car as seen in film.

Car as currently on display.

Additional graphics were added at the time of the game show and remain today.


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