Herbie Goes Bananas #20

     Currently owned by Mid America Motorworks, this car was used in both Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Herbie Goes Bananas.  Set up as a blind driver, which was driven from the rear seat to simulate the car driving by itself, it is unique in that it has a fifth wheel between the front two wheels.  It is unclear why this was necessary, and can only be positively identified in one shot in the entire movie (during the bullfight scene).  Nevertheless, it is a very interesting car and is significant for being mostly un-restored.  Mid America's curator, Dennis Gunning, claims that 80% of the car's finish is the original, the other 20% having been carefully recreated.  

The car as discovered in California at the turn of the century.

The car today, after rejuvenation.

Controls behind rear seat.

Fifth wheel at front of car.


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