Porsche-Powered Herbie #2

     Herbie #2 from 1969's The Love Bug is famously known for being the only Porsche-powered Herbie ever built for use in a film.  When Dean Jones and Buddy Hackett spin yarns about driving in the Porsche-powered Herbie, they are referring to this car.  Originally outfitted with a Super 90 engine, the car also has upgrades of Porsche drum brakes, Koni shock absorbers, and Superior Control Arms which strengthen the rear.  The car can be seen in the film with different wheel combinations and even with white brake drums at times.  It is believed to be one of the first Herbies ever built and was engineered by EMPI, of Volkswagen high performance fame, during its prime.  The car is largely still original right down to its unique four point roll bar, the only original Love Bug roll bar known to still exist.  The rounded gusset on the left side provides for easy identification, and it has been noted as stealing the screen by a vast majority during the race sequences in the film.  Car is currently owned by the people at Terry's Beetle Service in England.

The car as seen in the film.  Note the rounded roll bar gusset.

The infamous Porsche engine (currently from a 356).

The interior is amazingly mostly original.

The car today after a rejuvenation in the early 2000's.

Note the rounded roll bar gusset and compare to screencap above.


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