Herbie Goes Bananas #18

     Previously one of the "junkyard Herbies", this car is commonly referred to as the "Shaking Herbie", referring to the scene where Herbie comes back to life after having drowned.  This vehicle has been believed by its current owners at Mid America Motoworks to be the car in this sequence that is seen shaking and smoking, and both effects have been recreated by Mid America's curator, Dennis Gunning.  This would be the source of much confusion, however, as a comparison of the car in this scene to #18 would reveal without argument that they are not one in the same.  However, #18 is, for certain, the car pulled out of the water on its side, a shot that appears just before the shaking sequence.  At any rate, the car is always a hit among those who see it.  By using an off-centered disc spun by an electric motor, a lobing effect is achieved which gives the car a trembling appearance.  A smoke system is also attached to the tailpipes which gives the illusion that the car is trying its hardest to come back to life after a brief period of obscurity.  

The car prior to restoration.

The car today, after rejuvenation.

Off-centered disc that creates shaking effect.

Electric motor and chain that drives disc.

Car is not a factory sunroof model.  Sunroof was imitated through the use of a wooden frame.


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