Lazy Susan Herbie #14

           This 1959 model Herbie, owned by Alex Micakovsky of Sydney, Australia, was used in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo and Herbie Goes Bananas.  While it is unclear where it appears in the former, in the latter the vehicle was set up to spin a perfect 360 degree turn.  To achieve this, a stock front axle was welded to the rear of the vehicle.  With the tie rods removed, all four wheels were able to be turned in towards each other, allowing the car to rotate in a circle (hence the Lazy Susan nickname).  The headlight buckets and part of the rear wheel wells were cut out to allow adequate clearance for the tires.  This car is not a factory sunroof model, and Disney's team spent an impressive amount of time recreating a stock sliding sunroof out of wood for it.  It also featured a hydraulically-operated, reinforced hood.  After filming, the car was sold at auction and eventually ended up in a junkyard along with three other Herbies, collectively known as the "fab four junkyard Herbies."  The four cars were rescued by VW enthusiast Jerry Jess and eventually found their way to their current owners.  This car was restored to its Monte Carlo livery by Dan Miller in 2008 and is again street worthy.

 The car as seen in the film.

 The vehicle today after restoration.

 Wooden sunroof frame built to imitate factory craftsmanship.


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