Herbie Goes Bananas #12

     This is a 1962 Beetle that was used in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo  and Herbie Goes Bananas . The Bananas screenplay refers to the car as "Tipping Herbie #12."  The interior was lined with fiberglass to hold water for a scene in Monte Carlo where the car is knocked into a pond.  A hydraulically powered hood that was capable of opening and closing remotely was also in place for use during both the bullfight scene and the airplane chase in Bananas.  The car is probably best known for being the wheelie car that does a wheel stand to dodge the charging bull during the bullfight scene, also in Bananas.  The rear end of the car was cut off to allow adequate clearance and a large counterweight was installed to lift the front end off the ground.  After filming, the car was neglected for many years in a junkyard where it sat with no fewer than three other original Herbies.   

The car as seen in Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.

The car as seen in Herbie Goes Bananas.  Note the rear end modifications.

The car before restoration began in 2003.

The car today.


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