Lancia Scorpion "Giselle"

     This 1976 Lancia Scorpion, currently owned by Doug Kaufmann, is one of three that were used in the making of Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo.  It is also likely the only one to still exist.  One was destroyed in an accident, and the other is believed to have also been wrecked, though there is speculation that it has been totally re-fabricated into a Lancia Rally 037 replica.  This car appears relatively untouched other than having been refinished, though its original Giselle powder blue paint still remains under subsequent coats.  The car maintains its original roll bar used in the film and holes used to mount the blank-off headlight plates are still present.  To settle all disputes, the car has its 1976-issued title stating Walt Disney Productions as the owner, as well as its original license plates.  Car has been carefully restored back to its movie-seen condition.

The car as discovered in the early 2000's.

Note holes where blank-off plates where mounted for the movie.

Original roll bar still in place.

The car today with its Monte Carlo co-star.


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