Intro to Herbie the Love Bug Collectibles 101
Greg Carr (aka Dr. Herbie)

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Love Bug collectibles come in many different forms, including Disney promotional items, licensed items, unlicensed items and custom pieces.

Promotional items include lobby cards, posters, publicity stills and tie-in items, such as Viewmaster slides, coloring books and comic books.   Other promo items include games, puzzles and even cereal premiums.  There were even Herbie models available as souvenirs at Disney events.

Licensed items include scale models in kit form, diecast and plastic.  There was a very nice model kit made by Revell, as well as diecasts from Polistil, Polytoys and Tekno.  More recently Herbies have been made by Vitesse, Solido, Schuco and Wiking, along with current releases by Playing Mantis (Johnny Lightning).

Disney itself got into the act a few years ago offering specialty items at its gallery stores.  Items available included shirts, watches, mugs, jackets, mouse pads, a trinket box, and some very nice figurines.

Unlicensed items run the gamut, and some of them are very nice, the tin Taiyo car made in Japan being the most popular.  Unlicensed plastic cars were also produced by Mego of Hong Kong and Pepe of Portugal, and Bauer of Germany produced a very nice slot car.

Finally there are the customs, and all that's required is some imagination, white paint and (53) decals.  We've seen custom Herbies in every scale, made from metal, plastic and even ceramic.

It would be impossible to list them all, so we're including a brief overview of some of the more interesting items. For more information on toys and collectibles, visit our Herbie Toys and Collectibles forum.


A nice example of a promotional book is this "Cars, Cars, Cars" book produced by Disney artists.
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This cut-out cardboard Herbie was available on the backs of Cheerios cereal boxes.
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This rare unlicensed Herbie friction car was made by Mego of Hong Kong
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A rare item is this Disney World on Ice Herbie that was a souvenir of an ice show.
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An unusual Love Bug item is this baseball autographed by Dean Jones.
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8x10 glossy movie stills were available in dozens of varieties from all the movies and the television series.
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A recent item is this Johnny Lightning diorama, depicting a scene from "The Love Bug."
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This smash-apart Herbie was made by Corgi and was available only in the UK.
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One of the nicer licensed collectibles was this genuine Herbie pedal car made by Pines of America Inc. of
Fort Wayne, Indiana.
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A must-have for Herbie collectors is this tin bump-and-go car produced by Taiyo of Japan.
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Tekno of Denmark made a nice diecast that can be quite expensive today.
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Disney Gallery Stores offered this Herbie trinket box that has become a hot collectible.
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Wiking of Germany produced this model of the Herbie movie car on display at the Autostadt museum in
Wolfsburg, Germany.
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These neat licensed Herbie cereal premiums were available in Nabisco Shreddies cereal, and were available only in Canada.
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Disney offered this wonderful figurine called "Rarin' to Race" at its Gallery Stores.
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This neat unlicensed Herbie model was produced by Pepe of Portugal.
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These charming coloring books were produced by Disney and were given away in a Hunts catsup promotion.
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This comic book was produced by Gold Key and put on sale prior to the release of "The Love Bug" to generate interest in the film.
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Gold Key also produced comic books for subsequent Herbie films.
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A recent release is this fine diecast by Playing Mantic (Johnny Lightning) in 1/64 scale. Johnny Lightning also offers a Herbie in 1/18 scale.
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One of the first Herbie collectibles was this fine model kit produced by Revell of Venice, Calif. It was later reissued for "Herbie Rides Again" in 1974.
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Polistil of Italy made this Herbie diecast in 1/25 scale. The car was available separately or in a gift set with the Lancia from "Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo."
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One of the coolest collectibles is this 33 1/3 rpm LP of the story of The Love Bug narrated by Buddy Hackett. The album features a full-color story booklet and was available on Disneyland Records.
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Whitman offered a frame tray puzzle as a Love Bug promotional.
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A nice example of a custom Herbie item is this Love Bug conversion made from a plastic friction car.
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Featured items are from the collections of Greg & PJ Carr.
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