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LoveBugFans.com has been established to foster camaraderie among fans of Disney's "Herbie the Love Bug" films, act as a resource for owners of original and replica Herbies, and support the Herbie character through the exchange of information and building of accurate replicas.

     LoveBugFans.com has been serving fans of the number 53 car around the world since 2002. We strive to provide the best possible resources and experiences for both members and visitors. In order to take full advantage of what we have to offer, consider joining our community message board. All that is required to join is to register, which is easy and free. We're happy to answer your questions, suggest resources for your restoration, and provide friendship and support. There's no need to have a VW; just a passion for The Love Bug. Our community message board is administered by a board of directors who monitor the discussions to assure that accurate information is presented, and that a good time is had by all. Thanks for visiting LoveBugFans.com, and we hope you stick around!

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